eSTART Release 8 Job Aids

This page contains job aids which are designed to provide State employees with an overview of the eStart Time and Attendance System. The job aids provide basic procedures; however, you may need to seek clarification on specific agency procedures or rules from your agency personnel manager or supervisor.

Nothing in the job aids should be construed to amend any laws, regulations, policies or procedures established by the State of Alabama or specifically the Alabama State Personnel Department. Certain procedures contained within these job aids are subject to change or revision without prior notice. Employees will be notified as soon as possible when changes or revisions occur.

All leave accruals and usages in eStart are estimates and/or projections that are based on the concept that all employees earn leave and have leave to use. These estimates and projections may not be accurate.

Click any of the relevant links below to access Job Aid information. The information provided within this page is separated by employee roles for ease of use.

Time Clock Information
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