eSTART is a complete time and attendance system, providing automation around staff scheduling, leave requests and approvals, time capturing, FMLA usage, and reporting, that interfaces with the State payroll management system. The eSTART system's flexibility offers multiple ways to capture punches from workstations, timeclocks, cellular devices and a component that allows employees to record punches by simply dialing a number. Grant and project tracking are also available, as well as a GPS Tracker mobile app.

Time Capturing

eSTART offers multiple ways to capture an employee’s time from workstations, timeclocks, cellular devices, as well as from any telephone. It’s a great workforce technology solution that provides flexibility for your employees working at the office, or for those that are on the go!

eSTART Links

For eSTART access, please click here (eSTART application link).

For help with eSTART, please visit the eSTART Resources website or contact your eSTART Agency Administrator.

To access eSTART training please register at:

GPS Tracker System

The GPS Tracker system provides visibility to the route of an employee, displays punches, as well as location information that is created while driving or while standing idle. For an idea of how the map for the GPS Tracker App displays the route traveled, see below. The Route Icons will also display to signify different points in time during an employee’s workday.



eStart Map eStart Icons