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AFNS Training Material

Access Authorization Form
AFNS Access Authorization Form

AFNS Error Report Manual
AFNS Error Report Manual

AFNS Grants Management
Grants Management Overview
Grant Terminology
Grants Management Information Book
Non-grant use of the RPTG Table AFNS Grant Reports Examples

AFNS Monthly Reports
Description of AFNS Monthly Reports
Instructions for Balancing AFNS to CAS Reports
Standard Monthly Reports Listing

AFNS Subsystem Tables
Extended Purchasing Subsystem
Fixed Asset Subsystem
Grant Management Subsystem
Inventory Control Subsystem
Job Cost Subsystem
Sales Order Subsystem
Work Order Subsystem

AFNS Subsystem Training Manuals
Fixed Asset Subsystem
Grant Management Subsystem
Inventory Subsystem Overview
Inventory Subsystem Master Tables
Inventory Subsystem Transactions
Jobs Subsystem

AFNS Tables
Base Table Directory
Tables by Category

AFNS Training Manuals
AFNS & FRMS Overview
AFNS Overview
AFNS Master Tables Introduction
AFNS Master Tables Advanced
AFNS Documents Introduction
AFNS Documents Advanced

Bad Checks
Bad Checks - Instructions for Agencies

Board of Adjustment
Board of Adjustment Payments for Interfund
Board of Adjustment Payments - Non-Interfund

Cash Receipts
Future Dating a Document
CR 13th APRD Refund Prior Year Expenditures
CR Mods 13th APRD Changing Funds
CR 13th APRD Changing Prior Year Cash
How to Enter CR Batch Number
Hot Cash Receipts
CR Integration Rules
CR Training Manual For Integrating Agencies
Modifying CR in AFNS Only
Procedures for Deposits and CR--Integrating Agencies
Procedures for Deposits and CR--Integrating Agencies Outside Montgomery

Crosswalk Instructions
Crosswalk Instructions

Hotline Procedures
Hotline Procedures

Board of Adjustments Payments for Interfund
How To Look Up a Provider Code

Journal Vouchers
Journal Voucher (JV) Account Types
Vendor/Provider Code Instructions
Why a Journal Voucher Transaction should Not be Modified
How to Correct Rejecting AFNS Payroll JV

Payment Vouchers
Future Dating a Document
PV Requires Property Number - Incorrect Object Code Used and Payment Voucher has been Warranted
PV Requires Property Number - Property Number Missing or Incorrect
Check Category Instructions
Adding/Changing Check Category
Reprinting Accepted Payment Voucher Warrant has NOT been Issued
Advanced Travel Procedures
In-State Travel Process AFNS Tips
In-State Travel - Correction to Coding

How to Correct a Rejecting RQ Document

Salary Refunds
Salary Refunds-Insurance
Salary Refunds-Retirement
Salary Overpayment Refunds-

System Information
System Commands
System Messages

Ways to Create Transactions/Documents
Differences Between Transactions
Appropriation Allotment & Expense Budget Transactions
Cash Receipt Transaction
Invoice Transaction
Journal Voucher Transaction
Multiple Vendor Payment Voucher Transaction
Payment Voucher Transaction
Revenue Budget Transaction
Transfer Budget Transaction
Utility Copy Transaction
Freeing a Document
Copying a Document on the AFNS SUSF Screen
Deleting/Undeleting a Document


Note: All documents are in Adobe PDF form and will open in a new window.

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