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State Business Systems Division

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Welcome to the State Business Systems (SBS) website.

The State Business Systems Division is a cross-discipline unit that supports and works to improve state-wide business processes. The current organization structure includes AFNS Agency Assistance and FRMS Support.

  • AFNS Agency Assistance – provides agency support for the SBS AFNS accounting system and its various sub-systems (inventory, grants management, cost allocation, etc). Serves as a liaison between AFNS user agencies and FRMS support staff. Support is provided via the AFNS Hotline working with State agencies, FRMS Support and various other Finance Department Divisions to coordinate and solve data integration issues. Additional assistance is provided in the form of training (system and procedures, etc.); AFNS security administration and audit/review; closings (monthly/annual/year end); and daily/weekly/monthly report coordination and email distribution. Facilitates New Year/Year End essential processes (new year initialization, budget preparation, data cleansing, etc). Provides Data Selection (DS) installation for AFNS user agencies for their research and reporting needs. Assists and coordinates with the research, testing, training, and implementation for new and existing business processes as needed or requested.

  • FRMS Support – handles the deployment, maintenance, and data management needs of  all the business applications residing on the mainframe servers. This group addresses the reporting requirements, the data collection and storage requirements, as well as primary systems maintenance for all core business applications. Assists with developing, testing, and deploying new and existing business systems as requested.

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